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Tools for digital cutting systems

We use our three decades of know-how to develop and produce high-precision plotter tools for digital cutting systems.

Due to the increasing diversity of companies, we now produce a wide and constantly growing range of cutting tools for the systems of the most renowned cutter and machine manufacturers, as well as special tools for cutting technology.


Plotter knives are precision tools on which the success of the work with the cutting plotter essentially depends. Our knives are manufactured on grinding machines of the latest generation and from solid carbide. The material plays a major role with regard to the stability and service life of the knife. Plotter knives made of solid carbide have a comparatively significantly longer service life than knives made of high-speed steel.

Our experts have 30 years of experience in development and production as well as sound know-how in the field of carbide. Through regular exchange of experience with customers, resellers, suppliers and cutter manufacturers, we can respond quickly and specifically to requests such as new materials or new applications. This means that new products can be manufactured, but also that changes and adaptations from the material to the new cutting edge can be realised.

Our tools are manufactured according to the highest quality standards. The cutting quality, stability and, above all, the service life of our products are constantly checked. This ensures that a consistently high quality standard is achieved and maintained throughout the entire production process.

The advantages of VPW solid carbide plotter knives at a glance:

  • Longer service life than HSS steel
  • Higher productivity due to fewer blade changes
  • Better and constant cutting quality due to perfect cutting geometry and precision grinding of the cutting edge
  • Highest stability
  • Directly from the manufacturer
  • Regrinding – we are happy to resharpen all solid carbide knives for you

Plotter knife groups

The term “drag knife” is often used as an umbrella term, although the knife is guided “tangentially” – the knife holder is always actively aligned in the current cutting direction.

A basic distinction is made between the following knife groups:

Round or flat knife: Related to the respective basic body or basic shape of the knife.
Oscillating or rotary knife: These knives are actively driven. The knife either moves up and down (oscillates) or it rotates.

Our Plotter Knives

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