Tools for digital cutting systems

High precision plotter tools

No matter which cutter or plotter is used, e.g. ZÜND, ESKO KONGSBERG, Bullmer, Gunnar, Summa, Kuris, Sei, IECHO, Dyss, Océ/Canon Procut Systems, Lasercomb, Lectra, MCT, Wild, Leica, Variotron, you can cut anything with our plotter knives.

In addition to our large range of standard knives, we can always react quickly to your needs. Be it a new development, an adaptation of the cutting geometry for new materials or the regrinding of used plotter knives or special tools. We specifically address your individual needs in our production.

Regrinding service as a win-win offer

Sustainability is a top priority in our company. Regrinding used knives is a cost-saving way to reuse plotter knives without loss of quality. At the same time, this sustainable approach conserves valuable resources. A large part of the cost of a new plotter knife is incurred for the production and manufacture of the raw material and the dimensionally accurate blanks. Your used plotter knives can be resharpened and sharpened by us several times at low cost and without any loss of quality.

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