regrinding service for plotter knives

Sustainability & cost saving

A blunt knife reduces the quality of the cut object and the productivity of your system. Due to increased cutting forces, the knife insert, the tool head or even the drive system of the cutter can be heavily stressed or even damaged in the long run. Replace old, blunt or broken knives at an early stage – because only sharp plotter knives increase the efficiency and productivity of your system.

Our careful regrinding service will turn your dull knife back into a new, fully functional plotter knife.

Up to 80% cost savings – LENGTHEN THE LIFETIME!

The knife blank, the basic shape of the knife, is not affected during normal use and remains. During regrinding, the original geometries of the cutting edge are restored by regrinding. The utmost care in the grinding process and the subsequent inspection turn the used knife back into a new, fully functional knife. Your cost saving is up to 80% and that without any loss of quality. With our 5-axis CNC grinding machine, we guarantee the perfect grinding of your plotter knives.

blunt knive and new regrinded knive
used / regrinded
blunt knive and new regrinded knive
used / regrinded

This is how simple our regrinding service works:

Collect knive

Collect your old solid carbide knives, preferably sorted by type and suitably protected in a suitable container.

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Before grinding, we check your tools for compliance with the minimum dimensions and for cost-effectiveness of regrinding.
Tools that can no longer be resharpened or can only be resharpened uneconomically will be returned to you unprocessed and at no cost with the ground tools (separated).


The turnaround time for regrinding is about 10 days.


When your knives are ready to be sharpened, you will be notified by us. The knives can either be picked up directly from us or we will send them back to you.

Shipping information

To ensure that your products reach you safely, we offer resellers fast and uncomplicated shipping to anywhere in Europe.
We deliver free of charge from an order value of 1,000 EUR. Express shipping is possible for urgent orders.

We will be happy to provide you with a customised, on-time offer including all – also international – shipping options. Simply contact us via our contact form, by e-mail or by phone.